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We are pretty sure we have the coolest pop up space on the coolest square in all of Murfreesboro.  We are also pretty sure we are the only one.  However, come and spend a weekend selling your stuff with us and I bet you will think that as well.  

We have some freshly renovated space with a huge frontage facing the square.  We have banners and A Frame signs and lots of great marketing letting everyone know we are open for business.  

We are located right on a corner with an amazing white and window entrance.  There is lots of foot traffic as pedestrian traffic flows right in front of us.  We have designed the space as a pop shop and can accommodate multiple vendors selling at the same time.  

Come and be part of our community and bring a whole new city of customers to your brand.


A large retail space with frontage on the square and signs driving foot traffic from around the square.   


Friday evening through Sunday late afternoon.  With all day Saturday hours available.  Hours to be determined by events happening in the Square. 


We charge a 15$ application fee, we ask for a 100$ deposit (applied toward sales fee) when a date is confirmed and charge a standard 15% sales fee of your gross sales at the end of the weekend. (percent charged subject to change based on functions in the square)  


Fill out the information below to get started.  We will be in touch to get the process moving.  We still have spots available this summer and have premium weekend available.

Complete for more information

Thanks for submitting!

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